Markey’s offers a wide variety of webcasting and live stream services. These services range from a one way broadcast to an individual viewer to an unlimited amount of viewers, or to a fully interactive virtual meeting. Click here for our full menu of virtual meeting services.


  1. Find a quiet room with as little background noise as possible.
  2. Make sure you are professionally dressed. 
  3. Sit in the center of the camera shot to ensure proper camera framing.
  4. Make sure your face is well lit by sitting in a room with plenty of light. If you can’t find a well lit room, place a small lamp in front of you but out of the camera view.
  5. Do not sit in front of a window. This will cause the camera to adjust for the light, making your face look very dark.
  6. Adjust the camera to be level with your eyes.  This will produce the best camera angle.  If using a laptop, you may need to put your laptop on an elevated surface in order to get the camera level with your eyes.
  7. Always be aware of what is in the camera shot. Make sure there is nothing sitting in the background that you wouldn’t want viewers to see. 
  8. Use headphones or earbuds to listen to the audio. This helps with the sound quality and ensures you will always be able to hear clearly.
  9. Keep your microphone muted during the call unless you are speaking.
  10. When speaking and not wearing a headset or earbuds, keep your speaker volume at the lowest setting while still being able to hear. This helps get rid of echoes coming back through your microphone. 
  11. Use a cabled internet connection when possible. Most connection issues are due to a bad wireless connection. 
  12. Do a test call beforehand to make sure your microphone, speakers and webcam are all working properly.