virtual meeting services

Markey’s offers a wide variety of webcasting and live stream services. These services range from a one way broadcast to an individual viewer to an unlimited amount of viewers, or to a fully interactive virtual meeting.

MVP Event Management Platform

Markey’s Virtual Platform (MVP) is an all-in-one, fully customizable event management platform.  MVP provides your team with all the tools and support they need to create impactful and defining events, while providing a virtual environment that is beyond the typical Zoom meeting.    << LEARN MORE


Broadcast your event to an unlimited amount of viewers on Facebook, YouTube or a customized secure website. Webcasts are viewable on most web enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and computers and can take full advantage of multi-camera switching, full graphic content and smooth video playback.


Web Conferencing

For more interactive events where all parties need to be able to interact through both video and audio, we use a web conferencing platform. This platform allows us to view live data on connection quality for every virtual participant to better understand and trouble shoot any issues that may arise. 


Social Media Engagement

Services and opportunities to incorporate social media into your event are continually changing. Markey’s uses a wide variety of tools and services based off of your individual needs to ensure the biggest impact is made. These services allow us to bring in live content from various platforms during your event. This content can then be moderated and broadcast to your attendees or it can be used as a way for your participants to engage with you.


Live Social Q&A and Polling

As a more direct way to receive input from your virtual or local audience, we offer live question and answer and polling services. These services allow participants, whether they are in the room or watching over the web, to be a part of the discussion. For Q&A, our service allows for participants to not only ask their own questions, but also vote on other moderated questions they would like answered. We offer the ability for participants to answer polls either on the website or by text messaging.


Remote Presenter Support

Markey’s web conferencing platform allows presenters to remotely deliver their message with live HD video and audio. Presenters are able to use their own devices coupled with a stable internet connection to send their presentation to a room for a local audience or to re-broadcast it out for a virtual audience.

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