Video Rental

Our extensive video inventory includes projectors, flat panel monitors, projection screens, video monitors, cameras, switching systems, scan converters, etc.

A sample inventory list appears below and includes the various brands owned by Markey’s Rental & Staging: 

                            Display Devices
  • Large Venue – Christie Barco
  • Small Venue – NEC, Christie
For each of these projectors, we have various lensing options. All of our larger venue projectors can be converged for higher brightness output as well as an “on-line” back-up option.  All of our larger venue projectors can also be rigged and flown to solve various logistical issues with projection. Blending is very common and we have multiple projectors of the same type for the best blending options. For breakouts and smaller venues we offer various models of LCD projectors to fit every situation.
Flat Panel Monitors
  • LCD/LED Screen – NEC, Sony, LG Samsung
  • Touch Screen – 3M, NEC, HP, Sharp
In flat panel display, size and resolution is the key to getting your point across. Markey's has solutions for both. Each of our LCD/LED monitor options are high resolution and we have a variety of available sizes. All of our 25” and higher sizes are wide screen/HD models.  Our larger flat monitors have floor and table stand options and the ability to mount to truss or on a wall plate.  We can use black, flat panels for downstage monitors and for trade show displays.  A number of our flat panels have HD tuners included as an all purpose presentation monitor. 
Markey’s also has touch screens for surveys, way-finding or other digital signage applications.  Markey's has evolved into a provider of digital signage technology for various projects and events.

Projection Screens
  • Truss Frame Screens – Draper, Da-lite, Stumpfl
  • Tripod & Pull-up Screens – Draper
For larger venues we own several sizing options for truss frame screens. All of our truss frame screens can be flown or ground supported.  Each has front and rear fabrics and black cloth backing for eliminating ambient light for front projection.  We also supply multi-format options to accommodate specialty sizes and layouts. Projection is our specialty and we have added several options for front projection such as large cyclorama fabrics and other materials fit to enhance any event.  Projection mapping and blending are becoming a forefront of impressive events.  We use Dataon's 'Watchout' and Barco's 'Encore' for projection mapping and blending displays.  For smaller rooms and breakouts we have all the commonly requested sizes with dress kit options in black and gray. Other fabrics and backdrop are available on request.
Video Monitors
  • HD and SD Production Monitors – Sony, JVC
  • LCD Preview Monitors – Marshall, JVC, Sony
For production monitors, we purchase only high resolution monitors. All of our camera switcher packages contain broadcast quality production monitors and our data switching packages contain multi-scan flat panel LCD monitors.  

                    Video/Data Components
  • Camcorders – Sony, Panasonic
  • HD Digital Camcorders – Sony, Canon
  • HD Professional Cameras  – Sony
  • Robotic Cameras – Sony, Panasonic
We have a full compliment of HD cameras and accessories.  
All of our camera packages contain studio kits and various cable length choices for maximum versatility. We specialize in video image magnification and we rely heavily on keeping our cameras in the best condition.
  • Standard Zoom Lens 
  • Wide Angle Lens 
  • Long & Sports Lens 
  • Vinten
With each lens option, we can supply a tripod. If it is specialized shots that are needed, we have the capability to offer a camera jib, steady cam, robotic and mounted point-of-view cameras.
Recording/Playback Media Devices:
  • Digital Format – AJA Ki Pro, Sony DVCam, Sony DVD, Grass Valley
  • Atomos Shogun
In the digital realm, we offer straight to DVD recording as well as hard-drive storage and editing.  We use HD DVCam for tape back-up recording. Our Grass Valley Turbo IDDR’s give us the versatility to instantly play back any clip in any format while recording to a hard drive simultaneously.  We have had much success in recording direct to hard drive for immediate web usage or archiving.  We use various methods for digital recording most of which are adapted to the customers needs.
Video Switchers, Multi Format Switchers & Scalers
  • High Definition – Barco, Panasonic, Blackmagic Design
  • Seemless
  • High Resolution
  • Multi Layer 
For video switching, we can input any format and switch to any format as well. Our ‘fly packs’ are compact but powerful systems of switching, metering and fine-tuning with easy to connect options for various applications in the field.  We have multi-resolution converters to bring in computers or other display sources as well as output to any display device. We have multi-resolution video switchers that will take any high resolution signal format and incorporate it with any video format for seamless switching. Conversion to HD and switching is paramount in today's events and we have various methods and options for incorporating HD and SD signals.
There are usually two schools of thought: Switching for recording and switching for display. Either is handled with superior equipment. Data switching has become more and more exciting in our world. We use state of the art devices to give multiple options and routing any input to any, and several outputs. This allows for edge blending, super large video backgrounds and high-resolution displays on multiple formats and surfaces. Switching devices allow for seamlessly switching to any display device. 
  • Presidential
  • Camera Mount
  • Software
Our teleprompting services have been enhanced with new software and hardware all designed for maximum versatility. Our experience with teleprompting has led us to offer several solutions with quality equipment.  A standard lectern presidential kit is available.  Prompting can be done on a camera mount for studio work.  We also have accessories to utilize down-stage monitors and “back-of-the-room” screens as additional options for the teleprompter.