Audio Equipment Rental

Markey's Rental & Staging specializes in very diverse audiovisual areas of live event production.  We pride ourselves in researching and planning for new purchases and in keeping current on industry trends.  We also strive to keep a balance between what is "the latest" and what is marketable.  We have spent several years building our audio inventory and support staff to handle the various projects that we take on.  We understand the need for quality, reliable equipment, so cases are custom-designed for each device that we own to keep it from damage and dust.
Our goals are to provide the best equipment, the best customer service in the industry and to continuously improve on each project.  We find the need to keep various levels of audio equipment in our inventory.  From large venue sound reinforcement, small meeting room audio and everything in between, we have the equipment and the skills to provide you with clear audio reproduction.
The following is a comprehensive list of audio equipment brands and equipment that we own and are available for rental.


  • Line Array/Array Speakers – JBL VerTec, JBL array series & Renkus Heinz Line array
  • Powered Speakers – JBL, Mackie
  • Sub-woofer Speakers – Meyer, JBL VerTec & JBL
  • Satellite Speakers – JBL & Ramsa
  • Monitor Speakers – L’Acoustics & JBL
JBL has been a standard for the majority of our audio inventory.  For a combination of corporate theater and entertainment, the JBL’s seem to offer the cleanest sounding solutions at all volumes.  We have enough line-array cabinets to reinforce audio for a theater of 500 or a stadium of 20,000.  Along with the line-arrays we have two-way full range compact speakers that array together or individually for excellent sound reinforcement. A majority of our speakers can be flown and all can be ground supported.  We have enhanced our audio speaker inventory with a wide range of sub-woofer and stage monitor speaker solutions.
  • Line Array – Crown
  • Array Speakers – QSC
  • Satellite Speakers – QSC, Crown
  • Monitor Speakers – L’Acoustics
The power behind the sound.  We have customized amplifier/processor racks to fill the various needs for multiple events.  We have designed and built each one to be reliable and powerful.  Events large or small have several 'turn key' options for sound reinforcement.
  • Wired Microphones – Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Countryman, beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica
  • Wireless Microphones – Shure UHF-R, ULX Digital
  • Conference Microphones - TAIDEN
  • Shure Axient
Markey's has collected a very large and diverse assembly of microphones for any purpose.  We have super high quality recording microphones and specialty microphones for instruments and spoken word.  We have low profile microphones for conferences and recording as well as super thin tensor microphones for lecterns.  Along with our vast catalog of voice and instrument microphones, we have programmable audio conference microphones for a meeting of any size. 
Markey's also has several options for wireless microphones.  If the needs are for hand held, lavaliere or even headset microphones, we can offer large quantities of each.  Markey's has invested in wireless microphones that will last through the digital broadcasting evolution.
Conference microphones are becoming increasingly common, and Markey's has recently added TAIDEN to our inventory. 
Audio Consoles
  • Analog Mixing Consoles –  Midas, Macke
  • Digital Mixing Consoles – Digidesign, Yamaha, Midas
  • Auto-Mixing – Shure 
Whether the needs are for musical performance, monitoring speakers, multiple audio channel input events or meeting public address systems we have an audio console for the room.  For even smaller rooms like breakouts and classrooms, we offer several small Mackie mixers for any application.  We have built several identical "Mackie mixer/QSC amplifier" racks complete with EQ and compression to use for multiple meeting rooms needing a P.A.  We have also invested in several solutions for digital audio mixing and recording in addition to microphone snake systems for all analog and digital consoles.
  • EQ – Klark Teknik
  • Compressors – dbx
  • Effects – Yamaha, BSS & Rane
  • CD & Tape Decks – Denon, Marantz & Sony 
  • Misc. – 360deg, Op Amp Labs, Aphex & Drawmer
All audio support gear has been chosen after many years of trials and testing.  There are always several choices when you think of audio components, but we have found a combination that work in almost all of our applications.  Whether it is a small meeting or large, corporate conference or party, we have the right piece of gear to get the job done.  From processing to communication, we have your component solution.