Visit Indy Taps Markey's for Visual Impact at Annual Meeting

On January 9, 2013, Visit Indy, Indianapolis's tourism department, held its annual meeting at the Indiana Convention Center.  As a proud Visit Indy partner, Markey's Rental & Staging was pleased to once again be chosen to provide the creative and audiovisual support for this event.
Leonard Hoops, President & CEO of Visit Indy, had experienced the impressive visual impact of large screens when attending another event late last year, the Indianapolis Prize Gala.  For that event, Markey's had created a stage set that utilized two 100' x 17' screens, and the resulting projections were striking. Visit Indy wanted their visuals to have a similar impact, but with a set that would fit the 500 Ballroom at the Indiana Convention Center.  Markey's creative team designed a stage set that included a central 27' x 9' screen flanked by two 16' x 9' screens, and used blended projection via Dataton WATCHOUT 5.0 technology  and 8k High Definition projectors to rear-project the videos and images.  The outcome was impressive, as noted by Indianapolis Star staff writer Jeff Swiatek, who wrote that the production was  "a flashy film and light show."