Toyota Celebrates 50 Years with Coach Knight

Gymnasiums are great places to gather lots of people to watch basketball or volleyball.   But to host a milestone Gala for 600, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Toyota Forklifts in the USA, that is a challenge full of opportunity!!


The main objective - make the gymnasium not look like a gymnasium. This was accomplished by using a combination of fabric and lighting effects that encompassed the entire backline of the stage side of the gymnasium. Static lighting and moving head lighting using gobo patterns gave the room a ‘Toyota Orange’ glow. The use of LED drape 16’ tall and stretching wall to wall provided the elegance the event was looking to create. A series of fabric ‘steamers’ were flown and scalloped from the ceiling and then lit with the same ‘Toyota Orange’. The use of this effect creatively tied the entire look together and detracted the attendees gaze from the gymnasiums truss ceiling.

Traditional use of image magnification on screens ‘floated’ in front of the LED drape gave the room some dimension and separation that also dresses up the affair.

We learned that Toyota actually tracked down the first forklift sold in the US and bought it back from the farmer who owned it and still had it working on his farm. Toyota also commissioned the production of a custom painted gold forklift in celebration of the milestone. 
The Technical Details:
Markey's helped set the stage for event keynote, Coach Bob Knight by using the Toyota orange throughout the room and on the ceiling.  Markey's provided an 8' x 24' stage, 20k projection, HD cameras, image magnification, tons of lighting, LED drape and custom hanging fabric streamers.