Markey's Travels to Dallas with Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s National Sales Meeting was held in Dallas, Texas in the Fairmont Dallas hotel.  This event spanned three days, March 3-5, and 265 sales representatives from around the country attended. This was Markey’s third year to partner with Vera Bradley, which is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Markey’s managed the audiovisual support for the General Session with a stage design that encompassed a  11.3’ x 20’ flown screen with double stacked 14k Christie projectors.  The backdrop consisted of a 60’ sky blue cyc wall, with Martin Stagebar 54s for the uplighting.  Four custom pleated columns gave the stage depth and and height and were lit with Martin 410s and Martin Stagebars.  JBL speakers and subwoofers were used for the room’s sound.



For the evening’s live entertainment, this set was used as a backdrop for a local Dallas band. Markey’s lighting director rocked the house using Martin MAC 700 moving head lighting fixtures and Martin 101s to help transform the general session room into a dance hall, with a more relaxed feel.

This year, as part of the general session room setup Vera Bradley brought cabinetry and Vera Bradley products. They arranged all of this to resemble one of their direct sales stores in order to educate their sales agents on product placement and marketing.  This Mobile Store needed lighting that would mimic that of an actual store’s incandescent and track lighting, rather than the ballroom lighting in the hotel.  Furthermore, there were no rigging points to be used, so the lighting system needed to be ground supported.  Milos quick trussing was used for the rigging grid, complete with white truss socks to aid in blending the legs in with the rest of the set.  Various ETC Source 4 lights with 50-degree barrels were used for product illumination, and they were dimmed to 30% to look more like store lighting.


Because of Markey’s level of customer service and can-do attitude last year, Vera Bradley’s staff felt comfortable planning this larger and more complex event for 2014.