Markeys Teams Up With the 2014 Celebration of Caring Gala

For the last five years, Markey’s Rental & Staging has worked in partnership with St.Vincent Foundation and Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc. on the annual Celebration of Caring Gala to benefit the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent. The Gala was held in a unique location: the FedEx Hangar complete with two FedEx airplanes (a Boeing 757 was featured in the reception area while the McDonnell Douglas MD11 served as the Main Stage’s backdrop).  Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning served as the Master of Ceremonies. The evening highlights included an awards program:  the MVP Award was given to the Daughters of Charity on their 133rd anniversary in Indianapolis, a Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital patient and his Pediatric Orthopedic Team received the True Hero Award.



Another highlight at the evening was a special performance by Musical Guest, Jake Owens.   In an annual tradition, Peyton Manning came on stage to sing for the guests.     


As the audiovisual services/production partner, Markey’s Rental & Staging provided rigging, power, sound, lighting, truss, motors, projectors, screens, cameras, drawings, and technical support.  Black carpeting and 35’ black velour drape provided by Markey’s Exposition Services was used to create an intimate setting for the dinner, program and concert. 

Here’s a recap, “by the numbers”:  

  • 760’ of Truss
  • 390’ of Velour Drape
  • 24,000 sq. feet of Carpeting
  • (36) Chain Motors
  • (8) 14k Projectors
  • (4) 11.3’x20’ Screens
  • (78) Moving Light Fixtures
  • (32) Line Array Speakers
  • Over 3,000’ of Cable for Rigging and Motors
  • Over 2,300’ of Cable for Audio
  • Over 2,800’ of Cable for Lighting
  • Over 2,200’ of Cable for Video and Cameras
  • (3) Semi Trailers of Equipment
  • 21 person set-up crew
  • 13 person show crew
  • 54 person load-out crew
  • Strike and loaded within four hours