Markey's Rises to the Challenge

Challenge:  to fit a full complement of party lighting and full audio, plus staging, for a band and two DJs in a room only 100’ wide and deep.  Space was clearly at a premium for this event.  Markey’s rose to the challenge for this 50th birthday bash at the Indianapolis Museum of Art with creativity and careful planning.

Audio was hung from two ground supported array towers, and robotic lighting fixtures were placed every 6’ around the perimeter of the room, most of it suspended from the balcony railing.  Markey’s spanned the venue’s planter boxes in the room using Biljax staging to keep most equipment off the floor.

The stage was 16’ x 24’, with two more 4’ x 8’ stages on top of it for the national act Common.  A DJ tower was custom built from truss, putting DJ Irie 15’ in the air, and his protégé Sandman was on a lower stage. A Glaciator piped fog onto the stage and dance floor, and two party cannons on either side of the stage blew confetti at midnight.