Markey's Rental & Staging Works Creative and Technical Magic for The Alexander's Grand Opening Gala

On February 23, 2013, The Alexander, A Dolce Hotel, held its Grand Opening Gala.  Markey's Rental & Staging, partnered with Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc., created a memorable evening for the 450 guests celebrating this special occasion.

An interesting challenge at this event was accommodating one of the performers of the evening, the Earth Harp.  The Earth Harp itself is made of copper strings that are stretched from the stage and attached to existing architecture to create tension on the wire. In the Ballroom of The Alexander, there weren't any attachment points for these copper strings, so Markey's built a truss structure that was both functional (able to support the tension of the wire) and could also serve as a decorative element (hung with flower arrangements on colored twine in varying heights).  Martin Mac 250s and Mac 700s moving lights were mounted on truss towers in various parts of the Ballroom for the party atmosphere.

The Alexander Hotel also wanted to interact with attendees via social media as well as play a video highlighting features of the hotel on six different monitors throughout the event, all at the same time.  The 65" monitors were connected and operated wirelessly through the internet, with a Markey's technician onsite managing the Twitter and Instagram feed, while another technician managed the content and executed the changeover to the 4-minute video from an outside location  - on the other side of the country, where he was preparing for another Markey's event!