Markey's Rental & Staging Continues 14 Year Relationship with CEDIA for Expo 2012

CEDIA Expo is the annual convention and trade show for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, and Markey's is proud to continue this 14-year partnership.   Venues included the Indiana Convention Center, Indiana Roof Ballroom, and Georgia Street, and attendance was near 17,000.
In the Convention Center:
Markey's created a Social Media and Gaming Lounge in the corridor. There were three 65" wall-mounted monitors side by side to display CEDIA's tweet deck, their Flickr feed, and a "stay connected" page of ongoing CEDIA news feeds.  On the other end of the lounge was a gaming area set off by a semi-circular truss stage, hung with Chauvet lights on a special setting that flashed different colors in response to sound from the games.  Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor consoles were loaded with "Dance Dance Revolution," "Guitar Hero," and Kinect sport games, and those game videos were displayed on a center-mounted 65" plasma screen and 2 flanking floor-set 55"screens for a truly amazing home-away- from-home gaming experience.

Markey's also provided Digital Signage for a variety of uses for CEDIA Expo 2012.  Outside each CEDIA Education and Product Training room (42 total) a digital signage unit featured a graphic design (created by Markey's) displaying the room number, course, instructor and a teaser for the next session.   The digital signage units were controlled by computers and connected wirelessly to a master schedule so that screens change from session to session and content could be easily modified if needed.     
Markey's provided 60 computers in the Registration and 90 more for the onsite CEDIA office and other designated areas.  In addition, we provided credit card readers, printers, and on-site technical support.

Markey's further supported CEDIA by partnering with a  producer for the Awards Banquet, held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, where Markey's is the in-house audiovisual provider.  Projection, sound, and video recording were provided. 

Markey's isn’t always about serious business, and neither is CEDIA:  a CEDIA-hosted party was held outside on Georgia Street, former home of the Super Bowl XLVI Village in February 2012.  Markey's provided lighting for the live band Cousin Roger, which included a variety of Mac lights; stagebars; and two foggers.  Microphones, small arrays and console were provided for the sound..  At the Indiana Roof, ADI, a CEDIA member, hosted a private party at the Roof on Saturday night with Cheap Trick playing live.  Markey's provided sound, over 20 moving lights on ground and flown, and a hazer.