Markey's Rental & Staging and Markey's Exposition Services In Tune with Drum Corps International

Drum Roll Please! 


An estimated 35,000 fans and 4,000 participants converged on Indianapolis August 8 - 11, 2012 for the culmination of the 40th Drum Corps International Summer Tour and DCI World Championships.  Held at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Blue Devils won the 2012 DCI World Championships while the Oregon Crusaders won the Open Class Championship.  


Markey's Rental & Staging and Markey's Exposition Services were honored to play a role at last week's 2012 DCI Championships.  Technical support and audiovisual services provided by Markey's Rental & Staging included the following special events:  2012 DCI World Championships, DCI Hall of Fame Banquet, 40th Grand Reunion Party featuring the Al Chez Band, INpact Band, FDCI Breakfast and the DCI Parade.  Markey's Exposition Services provided exhibitor resources at the DCI Marketplace in addition to carpeting and material handling.