Markey's Helps MCON Reach Business and Non Profit Leaders Around the World

MCON is an international conference that educates nonprofit , technology and  business leaders how to engage Milennials, and it was held July 18, 2013 at The Alexander in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  This was the first year there were live attendees at the conference;  it is primarily attended online using Livestream's video streaming platform.  Achieve ("Creative Fundraising") contracted event planners Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc., who turned to longtime partner Markey's Rental & Staging to pull off this technically challenging conference.

The audience was comprised of 2,568 Livestream viewers from all over the globe, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and Kazakhstan. 
Set up in The Alexander Ballrooms I and II, the event started off with a pre-show interview that was conducted across the hotel, then the Markey's team returned to the ballrooms and utilized Livestream's Broadcaster, a small red box that attaches to video equipment and immediately streams the live session.  This needed a bit of technical wizardry, as Markey's had to integrate this technology to broadcast to the online and live audience simultaneously.  The event itself posed a challenge as the viewing needs differed from the live audience and the online audience, this was overcome by switching two discrete feeds throughout the event as the feed to the online audience required many more camera shots than was needed in ballroom.  

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