Markey's Creates a Winter Wonderland for Delta Faucet's Holiday Party

Delta Faucet held its Holiday Party at the Indiana State Museum on January 11, 2014.  Markey’s pulled out all the stops with extensive décor lighting in this open, airy venue.  The walls, ceiling and floor were all lit with an ice blue color and GOBOs of snowflakes and ice were projected to complete the wintry look, on both the lower and upper levels.  Nearly a mile of cable was used for this gala!  The Glacier drape backdrop was hung behind the Ice Bar and Markey’s created two other bars, semi-circular in shape and designed with truss and acrylic.   The stage backdrop for the band was a textured mesh called Pillow Wall, lit with Martin 410 LED lights in white and blues as well.

As it was also an NFL Playoff Game weekend. Markey’s set up the remote satellite feed to air the games. Markey’s flew Christie 14k HD projectors and 6.75’ x 12’ wide format screens as well as 65” monitors placed throughout the venue to carry the client’s videos, logos and the satellite feed.

The challenge for this evening was that the museum is open to the public during the day, leaving very little time to set up. Markey’s pulled together a team of 14 with a project manager to accomplish this, working cooperatively with caterers and the table/linen vendor, who were also working at breakneck speed to prepare for door opening. As you can see from the attached photos, the evening was a beautiful success.