Making the 2015 Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Praiseworthy

The 2015 Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church was held at the Indiana Convention Center May 28-30, with 3,000 converging in Indianapolis for the annual event.

There are many components to this event, from worship services to musical performances to special speakers.  Markey’s managed the scope of the project by assigning a stage manager/producer to organize all the media elements, run rehearsals, and direct the show. 

Markey’s provided all the sound, décor lighting, video, webstreaming and rigging  for the main worship service. Lighting consisted of Mac 101s, Mac 700s, Vipers and Martin Stagebars, which were controlled and programed from a Jands Vista T2 console.  The audio component was very important due to the number and variety of musical acts,, so Markey’s  hung  JBL 4888s (8 per side) for the main PA, and JBL 4886s (4 per side) for main stage monitors, and L’Acoustic speakers for monitors for the various choirs and other musical performances. 

For projection and video, 20k projectors were used on the large 11.3’ x 20’ screens, ensuring the brightness and size needed in a convention ballroom.  Another screen and projector were used as a confidence screen for the presenters.   Sony cameras were used, one from the back, 1 on the side of the stage, and one on a jib to give the audience unique views not otherwise possible.  Markey’s team also ensured that attendees could view from their homes by streaming directly to the customer’s website.

The Markey’s team worked closely with the customer’s event  team to lay out each day’s program in Pro Presenter ahead of the event, and this careful pre-planning made for very smooth transitions throughout the three-day event.

Markey’s Des Moines, Iowa, branch office also partners with the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.