IUPUI Regatta

Each year Markey’s works closely with the IUPUI Alumni Association on the annual Regatta. The IUPUI Regatta is a half-mile canoe relay race on the downtown Indianapolis canal held in mid-September each year. The event utilizes the downtown waterway for not only a boat race, but an interactive festival for those who attend.
Show day is a ballet of moving components that requires all members of the Regatta team to work as one. This results in a fantastic day and wonderful event for the more than 10,000 attendees!  
In the spring of 2014, we were asked to provide ideas to upgrade the audio experience and add a large scale video component to the event. Working closely with the Alumni Association, we evaluated and flawlessly executed impactful changes to the audiovisual technology at the Regatta.
Fast forward to 2016 and Markey’s is a proud and dedicated member of the IUPUI Regatta team. Each year we are involved from pre-planning to execution. This allows us to stay on top of event changes and make recommendations to improve the audiovisual experience to benefit all in attendance. Our role of planning and executing all phases of the audiovisual production, traditionally begins in early March with the mobile stage and LED video wall components. After these components are nailed down, we map out the line array PA and camera placement for the event. With the physical locations selected, we then begin working closely with IUPUI’s Director and Front Runner to staff the necessary positions on the event.