Indianapolis Colts Season Officially Kicks-Off

The annual tradition continues with the Indianapolis Colts Kickoff Luncheon for its sponsors.  This year’s Colts Kickoff Luncheon gathered 800 people including players, coaches and team executives. Held at the Westin Indianapolis on September 27, a player or coach was assigned to each table giving everyone a sneak peek into the life of the NFL.  Marshall Faulk served as the Keynote Speaker and conducted several Q&A sessions with several players from the offense, defense and special teams. 

As the Preferred Production Partner of the Indianapolis Colts, Markey’s Rental & Staging not only provided audiovisual services and technical labor for the annual Colts Kickoff Luncheon but consulted with the Colts events staff early in the planning process. 


All audio, lighting, and video support for the Colts Kickoff Luncheon was provided by Markey’s.  We placed two (2) 9’ x 16’ screens with 10k front projection.  Intelligent, color-changing lighting fixtures were placed on all four walls of the room and lined the top of the 150’ drapeline. Our new Moddim panels were unpackaged and set up onsite; creating a 30’ x 12’ three-dimensional canvas on which to project color, patterns, and gobos. Vertec 4886 line array cabinets were utilized to provide clear and consistent sound coverage for the entire ballroom. 



 Photos courtesy of Peter H. Bick, After Image Photo