Fun with Graphics at the 2015 AMLE Conference

The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) holds an annual conference that is defined on their website as “the most valuable and comprehensive professional development opportunity in the world for any person working with students ages 10-15.”

In 2009, AMLE held their conference in Indianapolis and Markey’s Rental & Staging had the opportunity to provide audiovisual support for their breakout rooms. In 2010, AMLE moved to Baltimore and used a local vendor for the AV support. They immediately noticed a difference between the 2010 experience and the experience they had with Markey’s in 2009 and decided to partner with Markey’s for their 2011 needs in Louisville, KY.  

Since the first conference in 2009, the relationship that began as break-out room equipment rental has now grown into an amazing partnership between AMLE and Markey’s. Markey’s has had the exclusive privilege of traveling with AMLE throughout the country and providing support for their full audiovisual needs from 2011-2015.  
The 2015 AMLE Conference took place in Columbus, Ohio. The three day conference featured a general session, 43 break-out rooms, a mobile art gallery, student entertainment and over 700 presenters. Markey’s is proud to have worked once again with AMLE and provided all sound, lighting, video, and staging for all components of this year’s conference. As a new addition in 2014, Markey’s added content and graphics creation to the list of services provided to AMLE. 
This year, providing graphics with a handwritten feel seemed to fit well with AMLE and their focus on education. Markey’s was able to incorporate the handwritten theme not only in the font choices, but also in various animations throughout the presentation. This added custom animation effect received great reviews from our client and attendees.  

The video clip above shows the event sponsor real in action. The titles were created in a font that made them look hand drawn and then converted into video that was displayed on the screen as if someone was writing them. 

The sponsor logos also had the appearance as if being scribbled onto the screen by an unseen hand. Each sponsor’s logo was hand traced and converted into a video that creates the hand drawn effect. The sponsor’s actual logo then fades into the presentation.  


Social media and mobile technology were incorporated in the event in many ways. For example, the walk in screen during the general session provided a real time twitter feed from the attendees as they shared their thoughts, photos and feedback about the conference. #AMLE2015

AMLE is a wonderful organization with a wonderful focus. We at Markey’s are proud to partner with them and hope to do so for many years to come!