Eskenazi Donor Gala Gets Help from Markey's to Celebrate Donors

The new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital Donor Gala on November 9, 2013, was a celebration of all who had made the new hospital in Indianapolis a possibility.  Markey’s once again worked in partnership with Maribeth Smith & Associations, Inc., to plan and produce an elegant evening.

The challenge was to transform the long, narrow hallway of the hospital into a party venue with dinner seating that could also accommodate a stage for the festivities of the evening.  Markey’s accomplished this by using Biljax staging pieces to create a center stage with a 3-tiered stage extending from both sides.  The center stage was perfect for speakers and for small musical ensembles, while the tiered sections were a beautiful and quieter alternative to stage risers for the two choirs that performed. The center stage was also given a soft wash of color with Chauvet WELLs, lights that are cordless and mirrored to blend well into their surroundings.

To ensure that everyone in the hall could see the festivities, Markey’s set up two  6.75’ x 12’ HD Stumpfl “full white” screens bordering the stage on each side, and another one was flown perpendicular to these on an upper balcony.  Three 10k Christie HD projectors were used for the image magnification on the screens.  During the cocktail hour, the screens displayed a soothing image of gently moving water.

The night also had a surprise:   a sculpture of Sidney & Lois Eskenazi installed in the main concourse.  Markey’s installed a Kabuki Drop, which is a lightweight material that initially concealed the sculpture during the evening, but then was dropped swiftly from above, revealing the handcrafted bust of the Eskenazis to the applause and toasts of the audience. (See video below.)

Markey’s was also proud to be part of the Ribbon Cutting ceremony and the Open House Breakfast for the new hospital.