Dayton Staff Creates Beautiful Ballroom for Speedway, LLC

On June 22, 2014, Speedway, LLC, owners of convenience stores/gas stations throughout the Midwest, held the Children’s Miracle Network Celebration, an awards and appreciation dinner for sponsors and hospitals that had donated money and services for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals), a non-profit that raises funds for children’s hospitals across the USA.  Sponsored children received medals from Miss America, and artwork created by children in the hospital was auctioned. 

This special event was held in the Ervin J. Nutter Center at Wright State University, the largest venue in Dayton, Ohio.  Speedway LLC wanted a ballroom atmosphere for half of the arena, so Markey’s Dayton office staff built a 96’ x 64’ truss structure, draped with textured mesh to create a ceiling.  This textured mesh takes color and light beautifully, and was lit from below with gobos and several types of lights:   

  • (12) Arri 1k and 2ks
  • (72) Martin Stagebars
  • (12) MAC 2k Washes
  • (12) MAC 700 Profiles

After the dinner and awards program, the audience proceeded to the other side of the arena and enjoyed a private concert by The Temptations.



CMN Hospitals is Speedway’s “single charitable focus” and has raised over $53 million since 1991 for this organization.  From collecting coins at the register to special promotions and an annual golf outing, Speedway employees are committed to helping kids who are ill.