2014 National Title I Conference with Both Markey's Rental & Staging and Markey's Exposition Services

The 2014 National Title I Conference was held February 2-5 at the San Diego Convention Center in California, with 3,500 attendees.  A show this size required 3 semi-truckloads of audiovisual equipment shipped from our national warehouse in Indianapolis, 16 Markey’s technicians, and another 16 local professionals to supplement our staff. 

Markey’s stage design for the General Session utilized our pleated columns, lit by Martin 410 LED lights. Martin Performance moving lights further lit the stage, and Martin Stagebar II were used for décor.  JBL Vertec 4886 line arrays were flown for audio, and Christie 10k and 14k lumen Roadster projectors provided the I-Mag and graphics.  As an added benefit for attendees, the Super Bowl was shown via another Christie 14k lumen projector on a 15’ x 26.75’ screen.

Twelve breakout rooms were set for three days, with a total of 144 sessions for the attendees.

Markey’s Exposition Services also traveled to San Diego to provide the pipe and drape, carpet, and other expo needs for the roughly 169 exhibitors. 

Markey’s Rental & Staging launched a new service at this conference: lead retrieval and session tracking.  Exhibitors were able to use our iPods with a Bartizan Connect iLead app pre-loaded.  This allowed them to scan visitors’ badges for data, and also gave the ability to add notes or edit with the app.  Leads were pushed to a website that exhibitors could access at any time.  Session tracking was used so that attendees could be certified and accredited for the courses they attended.

Other services provided by Markey’s were Registration, Digital Signage and Session Recording for web use.