2012 NCAA National Convention and Trade Show

January 11-14, 2012, Indianapolis, IN – Markey's Rental & Staging was proud to partner with the NCAA in hosting the NCAA National Convention and Trade Show here in the city of their headquarters, Indianapolis.

The conference took place over a space of four days, and encompassed a Keynote Luncheon, with speaker Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education.  Duncan gave a rousing speech proposing more academic support for athletes, and asking schools to reallocate money for those services.

The Association Luncheon was a chance for NCAA President Mark Emmert to talk about the problems of 2011, and the plans in motion to make 2012 a better year for collegiate sports.  He spoke frankly about the issues that needed to be resolved and felt optimistic that change could take place quickly.

Markey's is an audiovisual partner for the NCAA Headquarters, and provided the staging, sound, projection and video recording for the Keynote Luncheon, Association Luncheon, and Opening Business Session at the JW Marriott Indianapolis and the Indiana Convention Center.