12th Annual International Conference on Cochlear Implants Gets Support From Markey's Rental & Staging

The 12th Annual International Conference on Cochlear Implants was held May 3-5 in Baltimore, MD.  Over  1,400 clinicians, surgeons, scientists and other professionals who work with the hearing-impaired attended for a full schedule of education symposiums.

Staffed by 12 Markey's technicians and one project manager, the conference was split between 4 rooms at two different hotels.  Markey's provided IMAG, data and video projection, and audio and lighting support.  We were also able to provide real-time closed captioning, and Q&A via Twitter for this very unique conference.

The many presentations were administered by a presentation management system of our design.  Markey's uploaded all presentations to a unique FTP site, which was networked with a speaker ready room in one of the hotels.  This room was outfitted with 10 computers that were also networked to the meeting rooms. When presenters arrived at the hotel, they could go to the speaker ready room to check and update their presentation.   Once the speakers saved their presentation, it was immediately available to our technicians in the meeting rooms.

A challenge that Markey's was eager to tackle was splitting the General Session room of 1400 into (2) workshops of 400 each and then back to one big room.  Markey's accomplished this six times throughout the conference, each time in 30 minutes or less!   Once the rooms were split, each functioned independently with IMAG, video, data, sound, and panel tables of 10.

Other services provided by Markey's included providing polling software; stage and floor plan design; and wireless internet services to the 1,400 participants.