Product| LED Drape

Adding LED drape is an easy way to enhance the look and feel of an event.  The drape consists of premium black velour with embedded LEDs that allow for an unlimited number of configurations and effects. The drape has many pre-programmed effects such as the star field effect, but can also be custom programmed to match event branding and tone. Color, intensity, speed and pattern can all be suited to the show.
Here are a few fun ways to use LED drape: 
  • Flank the main stage with LED drape to create an endless feel to a room. This effect works well when your venue has extra room of the sides of your main stage and allows your guests to feel apart of the event even when seated on the outer edge. 
  • Set drape in a curved configuration to change the shape of your event space. Most rooms are rectangular but many event themes have circular elements. Carry the circular element throughout your space by curving the LED drape around the corners.
  • Pair LED drape with luster drape to soften the look and add further dimension. Pairing these two types of drape allows for dynamic lighting effects. Incorporate your event branding colors by painting the drape with color using LED uplights.
  • Use LED drape as feature piece in the center of a large stage set. Adding a few panels of LED drape as a focal point to draw attention to a keynote or to create a visual pleasing camera shot is a way to bring life to a set without busting a budget on custom scenic fabrication.
  • Many conferences use a single set for many events.  LED drape allows a room to be completely transformed with the use of light. Use amber and other soft lighting hues to set the tone for learning sessions and panel discussions. Use bold colors such as magenta paired with movement or strobe effects for social and high energy events.  
Check out the images below to see how clients are using LED drape to create defining experiences.  Click on an image to enlarge.