What is Digital Signage, and Why Should I Use It?

Digital Signage:  It’s Time To Get On Board!

"Digital signage" is an industry term for a form of electronic display technology, such as LCD, plasma, and LED displays, controlled by personal computers or media servers to communicate messages, display information and/or show locations.  You've seen its use in restaurants for menu boards, and likely seen it used in airports and malls, but digital signage is increasingly being used in the event industry, with good reason.  Some of the uses include:

  • Wayfinding in an exhibition hall or conference
  • Directions and transportation details
  • Up-to-the-minute public news or announcements, such as weather, news, or safety information
  • Interactive programs using touch-screen displays
  • Advertisements and sponsors
  • Custom graphics and logos
  • Schedules and information

Why should organizations make the switch to digital signage?
It's engaging:  Viewers are more likely to notice digital signage and act upon the information.  When it’s used in an interactive way via touchscreen monitors, it’s another mode for attendees to participate in the action.

It's cost-effective:  Yes, the up-front cost is more, but for events that take place on a regular schedule, the ROI is evident.   It eliminates the need for one-off signage.  It eliminates re-printing due to last-minute changes of venue or scheduled time for events.   Many organizations are exploring the option of using part of their digital signage space to rent for advertising, further offsetting the cost.

It's versatile:  You can communicate any information in any form you like, with the ability to change it on the fly.  You can show video, maps, schedules and more, while having new announcements scrolling across the top and advertising on the bottom.  You can also begin with one digital sign, and add unlimited signs as you desire.

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