WATCHOUT - Technology from Dataton, Available for Markey's Customers

In keeping with our commitment to always have the newest and best audiovisual gear available for our customers, Markey's has made an investment in Dataton's WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback software (version 5) and the computers to manage it.  With WATCHOUT, we can input your show's media (video, graphics, live feed, audio and more,) place it in a timeline, manipulate it on the virtual stage and send to multiple screens or blended images at your event.  The system consists of a production computer that can be networked to multiple display computers, all linked via Ethernet.  Each display computer is able to output to six display devices.  Markey's will have an inventory capable of controlling 24 displays at once, making your event a visual extravaganza.  Check back in the fall for photos of WATCHOUT in action at a customer event!  

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