The Value and Methods of Training

Since hiring a Training Coordinator, Markey's has been able to provide a wider selection of training options for its consultants and managers, always with the aim of increasing technical expertise to better serve our customers throughout the country.  Summer in particular is an ideal time for our technicians to further their knowledge, and we have accomplished this via travel to training sites, using technology to offer education to the technicians to finish at their own pace, and bringing technicians to our Indianapolis headquarters for training.

Examples of recent off-site training include sending several employees to attend classes at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas on current and new audiovisual gear; a technician was certified at RIGSTAR rigging school in Massachusetts; and yet another traveled to Chicago for two days of intense education on the newest production software.

Technology has played a big part in bringing education to employees as well, allowing staff members to learn product best-use practices via webcast or to learn from the vast selection of courses on a well-known self-paced online education library.  Another resource is Markey's Training and Knowledge Base, a web-based repository of Markey's-specific training, which was launched this summer, allowing Markey's staff to view videos of past courses on everything from electrical safety, to HD training, and product-specific knowledge.  There are also online manuals on this site for Markey's procedures and ordering process.

Lastly, we have increased our effort to bring in outer office staff from our 20 other locations (hotels, convention centers, and branch offices) to our Indianapolis headquarters to learn our ordering and warehousing system,  to attend our 2-day Customer Service Classes, or to participate in forklift training and certification, to name a few.
Many of these training methods allow for testing on comprehension and retention, giving us a way to measure the merit of the training.  This measurement means we can constantly improve our methods, with the benefit to technicians being increased knowledge, and the benefit to the customer of having highly skilled techs on their shows.