Martin Professional's VC-Grid 25 Shipping Worldwide

Martin Professional's new LED video module, the VC-Grid 25™, is now shipping from the company's Danish factory to Martin partners and end users worldwide. 

The VC-Grid 25 is a true LED video panel in a compact and lightweight form (200 x 200 mm) that enables more creative integration of LED video into stage designs, interiors, set elements and custom-shaped LED video screens. Driven by Martin's award-winning P3 System Controller Family, the VC-Grid 25 is fully calibrated to the same standards as Martin's popular EC and LC Plus Series LED video screens. 

"The response on the VC-Grid 25, as well as the customized products derived from it, has been extremely positive," comments Martin Product Manager for LED Video, Wouter Verlinden. "Offering a product that enables integration of LED video in various elements of stages and buildings is not something new, but the simplicity and quality we bring into the equation using our P3 technology and advanced calibration is definitely changing the game." 

The VC-Grid 25 is supported by the P3 PowerPort 1500™, an integrated power and data processor with flexible installation options, and is available in RGB, warm white, medium white, cool white or custom variants. 

More information on the VC-Grid 25 is available on the Martin website at