Markey's Branch Managers Convene in Indianapolis

Markey's annual Managers Meeting was held at the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, January 7-9, 2013. Markey's branch managers from Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, and Florida came together to learn of recently acquired products, brainstorm on possible new service offerings, discuss budget implementation strategies and share their vision for Markey's future in their respective markets and for the company overall.

The managers also spent time with company leaders in discussing Markey's growth initiatives and to meet with department managers who serve as support staff for them:  accounting, human resources, business development, training, marketing and warehouse operations. They were apprised of upgrades to the inventory management system and the new accounting software, both which will enable them  to serve our customers in a more efficient manner.  Additionally, the managers visited a Markey's event site that had a unique stage design using elements new to our inventory, so they could ask questions of the creative team and begin to envision new and exciting ideas for their customers.

This year's meeting came on the heels of Markey's becoming an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), so there was a special new synergy in the air. There was unanimous agreement that the Markey's reputation for excellent customer service had to be upheld and strengthened through the actions of all employees, at all times, even while expanding our business both geographically and in the range of services and equipment offered.  All agreed that 2013 looks to be an exciting year, with many new opportunities for Markey's that will enhance our business model and benefit our customers.

As always, this annual collaboration was a great meeting of the minds and launched all of Markey’s on a great start to the new year.