Lead Retrieval Services Now Available From Markey's

Markey’s now offers lead retrieval services for our customers. With this service exhibitors are able to use a supplied scanner or their own smartphone to capture leads.  These leads can be viewed, tracked and managed in real time from most internet connect devices, including the scanner itself.   This scanner works much like your phone with a camera that scans the QR code of an attendee badge, it will then store and update your leads in editable form to the device and to www.leadslighting.com in real time.

Once you have captured a lead, you may add notes and answer customizable survey questions.  After a lead is captured and uploaded, it can be accessed at any time.  These leads can be compiled in an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or Word document for your customized report, and will also be stored up to one year post-event.

Information that could be obtained by scanning a QR code would include name, organization, full address, phone numbers, email address, and more.

The equipment available from Markey’s includes scanners, power cables, A/C adapters, badge printers, registration computers and servers.

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