Improving Our Customer Service Through Newest Business Software

Leon Thompson, Inventory Software Administrator of Markey's, recently served as part of an Advisory Committee for Unique Business Systems (UBS), the creators of R2 software.  This is the inventory tracking and quoting system that Markey's utilizes to serve customers and run its business.   While at UBS's offices in Santa Monica, California, the upcoming release of the software named R3 was unveiled to the Advisory Committee for feedback.   
Leon's takeaway was that the web-based R3, slated for release in 2014, will make a difference in the way Markey's does business. One of the most beneficial functions will be the ability to easily pull critical reports that assist us in getting the right equipment to the right show locations, from any of our branch offices and our national warehouse.  "We serve shows that take place all over the United States, and with this new system, our equipment planning will be simpler, allowing us to serve our customers' needs in a very efficient way," said Leon. He noted that this will also keep Markey's costs  - and thus the customers' costs - down, by lessening the need for cross-rentals.  Being web-based, R3 will be accessible from tablets and smartphones, giving the ability to look up information or make adjustments for a customer on the fly.
In place will also be a customer portal, so that Markey's customers can access their invoices and equipment lists for show.   Another option for the customer will be accessing their equipment quote and approving it online, automatically turning it into an order and holding the equipment they desire for their show.
We're appreciative of the hundreds of hours that UBS devotes to improving the systems that aid us in our customer service.