Hiring the Best for Your Events at the JW Marriott Austin

Markey’s directors in Austin have been diligently interviewing and hiring the most talented event technology staff possible for our new team at the JW Marriott Austin.  Over the course of this month, 11 of the most desirable candidates were offered positions.

To ready the team, most were flown to our headquarters in Indianapolis to meet the leaders of the company and the administrative support staff, and then were led through hands-on training on the most current audiovisual technology which we have purchased to store on-site at the hotel. The new technicians also spent time at the JW Marriott Indianapolis, where Markey’s has been the on-site event technology provider since its opening in February 2011. The technicians worked side by side with the seasoned staff, learning our procedures for setup, strike, and production of a show. 

Perhaps the most important facet of our new hires’ training was immersing them in the high customer service standards expected not only by Markey’s, but by the JW Marriott brand. These are high standards indeed, but Markey’s team meets this bar: of all JW Marriotts in the country in 2014, Markey’s staff at the JW Marriott Indianapolis ranked 2nd highest in Experience Satisfaction Survey scores. They were the perfect Markey’s professionals to prepare our Austin hires for the upcoming Grand Opening in Austin.

This rigorous hiring process and multi-faceted training is to ensure that your event at the JW Marriott Austin will be staffed by the most professional, technically skilled and service-oriented technicians possible.  If you will be having an event at the JW Marriot Austin this year, please contact us.