Happy International Women's Day


On this day set aside to honor women, we want to take a moment to reflect on the many women of Markey’s and the path that they have created for the future women in the event technology industry.

The Markey’s story begins with Martelle “Marty” Markey, the mother of four who started our company in 1959. For 30 years, Marty was the owner and CEO of Markey’s. Her commitment to service provided us with a company foundation focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

In an industry that is historically male dominated, we at Markey’s have always looked to hire and promote qualified women within our organization.  We understand that for us as a company to successfully serve our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations (as Marty taught us), women must be an integral part within all of our teams, including our event technician staff.


Suli graduated from Indiana University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts from the Jacobs School of Music as well as a minor in Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance from the College of Arts and Sciences. Suli discovered her passion for audio engineering at age sixteen while participating in her high school's Stage Crew program through their Theatre Department. This is where she became determined to turn an extracurricular into a career. Ever since then she has worked professionally in various different roles on countless musicals, plays, and corporate events.

Suli was hired as a part-time technician by Markey's in March of 2013 at their Bloomington office while she was still attending Indiana University. In September of 2014 she became a full-time Event Technician for Markey's at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. As an Event Technician at the JW Marriott, she was recognized by many clients as being "the best of the best." Because of Suli's fantastic customer service and technical knowledge, she recently moved into an event technician role working out of Markey's corporate headquarters. Suli's wide range of experience in the industry, diverse technical knowledge, ability to stay calm in high-stress situations and great personality is what makes her an excellent part of the Markey’s team.


Megs began her career with Markey’s in 2007 after earning her bachelor’s in Theater Studies.   She began her journey as a hotel technician at one of properties that Markey’s serves. Megs then transitioned to Markey’s corporate headquarters as an event technician, traveling with clients across the country. Megs current position as a rental consultant allows her to utilizes her technical and service skills to manage meetings and events for clients in the Indianapolis area. You can still find Megs traveling from time-to-time managing events that require a keen coordination of 50+ breakout/auxiliary events!

When Megs is working on your event, you will have a very organized leader taking care of the minutest details so that you can focus on the big picture. Megs is described by customers as being calm under pressure, patient even when working overtime or over meal breaks, and exacting when executing details. She is skilled at teleprompter, video, audio and managing multiple breakout sessions simultaneously for large conferences. Megs truly enjoys her job, traveling all over the United States and helping customers achieve their vision of the perfect event.


Kiki joined Markey’s in 2002, shortly after graduating with honors from Ball State University. She has been a valuable asset to Markey’s for over 16 years, hiring in first as a hotel technician, then promoting quickly to event technician. From there Kiki moved into a key role as part of the Markey’s NCAA on-site staff as a video producer tasked with producing live events and videos for the NCAA and various other Markey’s clientele. In 2017 Kiki moved into the event producer role at the Markey’s corporate headquarters.

Her excellent customer service skills led Kiki to receive a ROSE (Recognition of Service Excellence) Award given by Visit Indy (the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association). This is a prestigious award, given to only 10 recipients a year. Besides her admirable award-winning customer service skills, Kiki possesses a wide array of industry skills, ranging from audio and video editing, to lighting, camera operation, graphics, teleprompting, audience response systems and more. She is able to perform nearly any function, at any level, at any event; this also makes Kiki a great troubleshooter when the need arises. Kiki enjoys being a dedicated and skilled resource.