Fort Wayne Office Has New Look!

In an effort to more efficiently serve its customers, the Fort Wayne office of Markey's Rental & Staging has recently completed a major renovation at its location at 1811 Production Road. 

This update enables this branch to house their large inventory of cutting-edge lighting, staging, and audio equipment, making it easy to meet customer demand instantly.  There is also a newly renovated editing room, where our video experts can edit, duplicate, and finish production on video for our customers.

The space also includes an inviting reception area, offices, an updated break room for employees, and a new sign out front.  Expert Construction was the primary contractor on the project, and Sara-Bella Designs gave the finishing touch to the interior.

Markey's Rental & Staging is a national audiovisual provider, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, that has been an industry leader for over 50 years.