5 Questions to Ask Your AV Team

What is most important to your company?

Is it price, is it technology, is it customer service? Learning what a company truly values can help you choose an AV partner that is like minded.  As you start to collaborate, you will find that an aligned partner with common interests and goals will help you execute your event with much more success.


How do I get the best bang for my budget?

All planners want to create a meaningful event for their attendees and often their grand plan is more grand than the budget will allow! Don’t panic, instead get with your AV partner and explain your grand plan. Find out what ideas they have to help you achieve your goals and stay close to budget. Often times they will have great suggestions on how to bring your dreams to reality and maximize your budget in creative ways. In the end you get the ‘wow’ you hoped for simply by collaborating with your AV team.

What collaboration and communication tools do you use?  

The key to a successful event is communication. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, Dropbox and Google Docs make it easy to communicate and collaborate.  These tools help planners and their partners stay on the same page as details evolve and change throughout the planning process.  A collaboration platform allows for all the critical event information such as diagrams, seating arrangements, workflows and other documents to be stored in a single place to ensure that everyone is accessing the latest version. AV teams need to be willing to use their clients’ communications workflow and tools if they have preferences. And, event planners should not be afraid to ask for a tutorial on the software the AV team uses.


What is your experience with the venue?

AV companies help produce shows of all shapes and sizes nationally each year.   They have worked in nearly every major venue and likely have been in your next venue space. 

They know the ins and outs, such as room sizes, layout, load restrictions, venue policies, lighting needs, windows and columns. Ask them what unique challenges or opportunities there may be with the site and how to utilize the space best. At Markey's, we love to tour the space with our clients and offer input at the early stages. We can even digitally scan the space and provide realistic renders to help you visualize how your event will look and feel.


How can you help maximize my attendee’s experience?

Engage your AV partner and ask them for ideas. They have the experience of being part of a large variety of events, each with a different scope and scale.  They can bring little pieces of different events to the table to create a truly memorable experience for your attendees.  The key is getting your AV partner involved as early as possible. The later they get involved, the less ability there is to help you find appropriate solutions.