LED Technology

Why use LED Technology?  We have all heard that LEDs are brighter and more energy efficient, but did you know that there are some other major benefits to using LEDs?   CHECK OUT OUR LED VIDEO WALL GALLERY
When it comes to backdrops or signs, why stick with a static image when you can use LEDs and update your look with the push of a button. At Markey's we find that many of our clients are using a single venue for multiple events. Using a LED video wall as a backdrop or as scenic elements allows you to completely transform your event space without excessive labor. Below is an example of the same room with two completely different looks that are achieved by updating the content of the LED wall and changing the LED lighting configuration.
Many LED products come in modular panels or bars that allow for creative and flexible configurations when it comes to size and resolution. Check out the LED arrows we recently designed for a client who's event branding included similar arrow shaped elements. During the event these arrow shaped video walls displayed various graphics including titles, logos and eye-candy.
LED displays by design are much slimmer and require a smaller area in a room.  For example, when compared to projection, LED walls generally require less space. When using projection and a large screen, space is needed between the screen and the projector. The projector has to be mounted high up and in the front or back of the room. Anything that gets in the way – such as low-hanging lighting fixtures or low ceilings – can become an obstacle and will be seen in the projection, therefore proper spacing planning is essential. This is not the case with LED video walls, you no longer have to worry about obstacles and obstructions.