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Plasma, and LCD televisions will soon be a thing of the past, imagine a television screen as thin as a piece of paper that weighs no more than a few ounces. Or, so flexible it could be worn around your wrist and is virtually indestructible.

Markey's Decorating & Exposition Services

Markey’s Decorating & Exposition Services was launched in December of 2008 to expand the Markey’s brand.  Markey’s Decorating & Exposition Services provides production services for trade shows, conventions and corporate events.

2009 ROSE Awards

Markey’s Rental & Staging is pleased to announce that Kirstin “Kiki” Commons, is a 2009 ROSE Award Recipient.  Kiki is a member of our on site staff at the NCAA national headquarters, where she serves our customers as an audiovisual technician and assistant producer.